Motorized Curtains in Austin, TX
Motorized Curtains in Austin, TX

Affordable Motorized Curtains In Austin, TX

The Great Curtain Company Offers Automatic Drapery, Tracks, and Roman shades!

The right set of curtains can lighten up any room in your home. The Great Curtain Company takes pride in offering premium window furnishings, including motorized curtains in Austin, Texas. If you’ve never considered the possibility of motorized drapes in your home, we encourage you to read on to learn more about this innovative option that no home should be without. If you still have questions about installing an automatic curtain system, please don’t hesitate to contact The Great Curtain Company today at (512) 501-1381 to book a complimentary consultation with us!

Why Should I Motorize My Drapery Track?

A motorized curtain system is easy to operate. Get instant glare reduction or privacy from your neighbors at the touch of a button when you motorized your drapery track. The Great Curtain Company would love to help you customize an automated curtain system to fit your active lifestyle and home safety requirements.

Is a Motorized Curtain System Difficult to Operate?

No! All it takes is one simple click of a remote-control button to operate a motorized curtain system. Many motorized curtain systems even come with smartphone control capabilities, meaning you can open or close your drapes with a simple voice command or smartphone app. You can even adjust the speed of the motor to suit your needs. It’s easy to have a motorized curtain system installed in any room of your Austin, Texas home today and embrace the future of smart home technology!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Installing Motorized Curtains?

Installing a motorized curtain system in your home offers many unique benefits, including:

  • Make Automatic Adjustments – Manually adjusting your curtains often leads to tears, snags, and misalignments that can all be avoided with electric tracks for drapes!
  • Open/Close Curtains with Ease – Letting natural light inside your home can help you keep an eye on your energy bills by offering more
    energy-efficiency and temperature control options. However, if you have a home with a plethora of windows, it can be cumbersome to open and close all of your curtains every day. Installing motorized curtains in every room will give you the convenience of opening and closing them all with your automatic curtain opener.
  • Set Automatic Timers – Motorized curtains also allow you to set automatic timers for opening and closing curtains when you’re away from home. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, get peace of mind knowing your curtains are open to let in natural light during the day and closed again at night for your security.
  • In house brands as well as big name brands– We work with all major brands for motorization – IE Lutron, Somfy, BTX, Forest Group, and many others. Contact us today to learn more about how we integrate our drapery with any track brand!

Do Automatic Curtains Fit Any Window? Are There Limitations?

Our automatic curtains fit just about any size of window in your Austin home to protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Not only can too much exposure to the sun’s rays be harmful to your skin, but it can also fade your furniture, flooring, and other home décor over time. Protect your home’s furnishings and your family with automatic curtains from The Great Curtain Company today. We’ll make sure they’re installed correctly to provide much-needed shade from the heat of the relentless Texas sun!

Can Electric or Motorized Tracks Be Repaired or Replaced?

Yes, you can repair or replace the motor on a motorized curtain system. Many manufacturers even include a warranty for motor repairs or replacements within a specified amount of time of your purchase and installation date. Learn more when you contact The Great Curtain Company.

Are Motorized Drapery Tracks Affordable?

Yes! We offer MANY different levels of investment depending on the needs of your window. These factors are based on weight bearing / height / and the type of curtain you plan to motorize. With a plethora of choices from modern to traditional tracks, we guarantee you will find the perfect match when it comes to style, functionality, and affordability!

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