Simple Curtain Measuring Guide in Austin, TX

How to Measure Windows for Drapes

Curtain Measuring Guide
Measuring Windows for Drapes in Austin

What Size Curtains Do You Need?

Before you start shopping around for new curtains or window drapes make sure you have all of the right measurements needed for your dining room, living room, or bedroom windows. The Great Curtain Company wants to make it easy for you to find the measurements you need. This measurement guide made simple shows you what our window treatment specialists are looking for and empowers you to have all the information you’ll need when talking to a professional from our store, or wherever your curtain buying experience takes you.

Many people think they know how to find these measurements on their own without looking into it and will typically end up with a set of curtains or new drapery that is the wrong size because they do not factor in key elements and proportions specific to window treatments. We never want our customers to have to deal with this and use the same measuring guide ourselves for our in-home curtain and virtual drapery consultations. You can count on us for all of your custom drapery services and hope that this feature helps you during your curtain shopping experience. We sincerely hope that you’ll choose our family owned and operated curtain store in Austin, Texas because draperies are our passion, and sharing our passion with you is our greatest achievement. To help you make up your mind, we encourage you to check out some unique ideas, some clearance options, our wide selection of curtain hardware, and some of the locally crafted custom drapes found at The Great Curtain Company’s Austin showroom from the world’s most renowned designers, based right here in Texas.

If you have any questions about measuring your window frame or curtain space, give us a call. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions and would be honored to give you directions to our shop where you can find the best drapes at the lowest prices. Even if you are not located in Austin, our online consultation services give us the power to assist you!

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