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Drapery Style Ideas for Your Home in Austin, TX

The Great Curtain Company Can Help with Drapery Ideas

You want drapery that makes your windows look great, but you may not realize how many options you have. The Great Curtain Company is here to help Austin, TX homeowners by letting you know all your drapery style options. We’re the company you can count on for drapery rods, drapery fabric, drapery hardware, and much more. Our drapery installers will outfit your windows with the custom drapery you choose. We have no shortage of drapery ideas and options, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what’s best for your home and windows. In just a few minutes, you’ll be something of a drapery expert. Check out these curtain and drapery ideas and get in touch with our team to get started.

Multiple Drapery Styles to Suit Your Tastes

Austin homeowners can dress their draperies up or down by selecting the right pleat style. Our drapery experts are here to help you choose the correct top stylish based on the look of your room and the fabric you prefer. Make plans to stop by our showroom to view all these pleat and top styles in person. Learn more about our many drapery styles:

  • Ripple Fold Drapery – One of the best-selling curtain styles, ripple fold drapery is sleek, modern, functional, and easy to operate. Ripple fold drapes are ideal if you plan on opening and closing them daily. These drapes glide effortlessly along their track. Ripple fold is popular for sliding glass doors. Some homeowners opt to layer ripple fold drapery, combining sheer materials and a heavier drape to add depth and dimension to the room.
  • Tailored Pleat – These fuller drapes have an understated elegance and are another top seller. Tailored pleat drapery is known for its waterfall pleat design. These window treatments are functional and easy to operate. They come available in many patterns, colors, and materials. Linen-tailored pleat drapery is ideal for those looking for a lighter material. Wool is worth considering if you need something more substantial to block a drafty window.
  • Pinch Pleat Drapery – Choose either a two-finger French pleat or three-finger French pleat curtains. Pinch pleat drapes are classically beautiful and offer a simple yet stunning shape. Pinch pleat drapery is easy to operate and functional. This is a more traditional choice, but it can be made contemporary by choosing a bolder pattern.
  • Inverted Pleat Drapery – This unique curtain design is neatly pleated but still gives off a relaxed and casual feel. Inverted pleat drapery is ideal for decoration but may not be well suited for frequent use. We offer an inverted French pleat drapery-style curtain that you may love. The inverted pleat drapery is often paired with a roller shade to control light because this drapery style is not recommended for frequent opening and closing.
  • Goblet Drapery – This is an ideal choice if you enjoy a very sophisticated shape. Goblet pleat drapery is best used for decorative purposes and not ideal for frequent opening and closing. Goblet drapery features a large stack, meaning that while open, more fabric will cover your windows.
  • Grommet Drapery – As the name suggests, grommet drapery is hung from a rod using grommet rings. Grommet drapes or grommet top offers many choices for colors and materials. You can also choose a designer finish, such as chrome, polished brass, satin nickel, and more. This is another primarily decorative style.
  • Rod Pocket Drapery – For a classic, casual, and traditional look, consider the rod pocket style. These stationary panels are not designed for everyday use and offer fullness. It’s best to see rod pocket drapery in person before you determine if it’s best for your windows.
  • Cubicle Drapery – For those who are decorating on a budget, you will do well to consider cubicle drapery. This style offers versatility and functionality and is ideal for everyday use. Cubicle drapery has a minimal stack and is easy to operate.
  • Box Pleat – For a very tailored and elegant look, consider box pleated draperies. These window treatments offer deep folds down the full length of the curtains and are available in many options.
  • Additional Styles – The team at The Great Curtain Company has a style for every home and window. We offer additional styles of curtains and draperies, including cartridge pleat style curtains, synthetic curtains with hooks, butterfly pleat drapery style curtains, ballroom top curtains, back tab top pleats, and much more.

Drapery Hem Options

We do it all when it comes to drapery, including drapery hooks, designer drapery hardware, and more. Our drapery installation service would not be complete with drapery hem options. Choose from trouser break drapery hem style curtains, floor puddle drapery hems, and floor-length curtains. We have drapery styles designed to match the décor of any home in the Austin, TX area.

Our Drapery Designers Are Here for You

You can count on The Great Curtain Company for all your window treatment needs. We offer draperies, drapery hardware, shades, bedding, valances, and more. Our designers will work with you to find the style that best suits you. We offer virtual house calls and in-person appointments. We’re confident you’ll love our affordable prices and fantastic results. Contact us today to get started and schedule an appointment.

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