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Are you interested in new curtains to lighten up a room in your home used for entertaining guests? Want drapes that will create a warm atmosphere to welcome customers to your business? Or would you like a set of bedding, shades, pillows, and more to transform your child’s bedroom into an enchanted garden? Whatever the style you’re after, The Great Curtain Company would love to bring your drapery dreams to life.

While you may not know all the ins and outs of selecting or creating curtains, drapes, bedding, or pillows, we do–and we’re happy to put our expertise at your service. If you’re uncertain about what you’re looking for, we’d love to schedule a free consultation to help you find the right design and achieve the room of your dreams. If you like, we can even create a one-of-a-kind design just for you. Our mother-daughter team has been crafting custom drapes and curtains since 2006. Trust us to assist with everything from fabric selection, deciding on the final decorative touches, and choosing which style of curtain or drape is the right fit for your window.

Though we all know the right appearance is essential, as real experts in the industry, we can also think of questions and concerns that may never have occurred to you. For example, we can direct busy families to fabrics whose care requirements are a breeze. If you suffer from allergies, we carry fabrics that are less likely to collect dust and pollen. We can also advise you as to which materials are best suited to a business with a lot of customer traffic. The Great Curtain Company has your best interests at heart and wants your room to look its best while meeting all of your needs.

Get Custom Curtains, Drapes, and More in Austin, TX

Whether you’re looking for drapes, shades, or bedding, our skilled mother-daughter team at The Great Curtain Company is ready to help you cover those trouble windows in your home or business. We have whatever you need, from fantastic fabrics and tiebacks to decorative details and every bit of necessary hardware to install your new drapes, curtains, and more. Our experts are waiting for you at our beautiful showroom to help you make decisions and get a better idea of the different styles we have available for your space. We showcase many different styles from our vast inventory to help you better imagine how they will fit in your home or business. You can also visit The Great Curtain Company online if you are too busy to stop by, and we will assist over the net to provide you with swatches and suggestions. We are one of the first interior curtain and drape design companies to offer this type of service. We not only deliver our materials at great prices, but we also offer complimentary consultations and affordable design services!

Materials of the Highest Quality

We offer a vast selection of fabrics solely made of high-grade, first-run materials. And with a variety of colors and textures to choose from, there’s sure to be a fantastic fit for you or your business’ decorative style. All the curtains at The Great Curtain Company are created right here in Texas, so they’re always well-made and affordable. Our commitment to outstanding quality is also evident in our bedding and pillows, decorative touches, and drapery hardware. It doesn’t matter if your curtains or drapes are intended for your home or a busy hotel–anything you get from The Great Curtain Company will last for years. Future updates and remodels will be due to personal preference, not lack of quality in any of our curtains, drapes, bedding, and pillows!

Affordable Prices, Fantastic Results

At The Great Curtain Company, updating the curtains and draperies at your home or business can be accomplished for an excellent price. Our first consultation comes with no charge to you. Our team has dealt with all sorts of trouble windows in Austin, TX, but we offer simple solutions with curtains and drapes made right here in the U.S. We also deal directly with you, so our drapes, curtains, and hardware have no high mark-ups on their price. In addition, we offer coupons and showroom discounts for those with a budget.

As you’ll be living with your new curtains and drapes for years to come, you will want to work with the right team to ensure their quality and design. From your initial free consultation to fabric and design choices to a very well-done installation, The Great Curtain Company would be delighted to assist you with new curtains and drapes for your Austin, TX home. Visit our showroom or shop online today to see our incredible selection and previous projects. We’re sure you will find precisely what you are looking for in our dream source for drapes and curtains!

I feel like my room belongs in a photoshoot! My curtains are gorgeous, and the service is incredible!
Kathy G.

The walls were lined with full length panels end to end, options galore, fabulous hardware and just incredible top treatments!
Sandy R.

Without a doubt the most knowledgeable, honest, and helpful drapery company in Austin
Darren K.

We got a great deal on some BEAUTIFUL curtains and I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.
Justin B.

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The Great Curtain Company offers more than 15 years experience of custom window treatments at prices you never thought possible.  Come in with your basic window measurements (height, width & length), and let us do the rest.  It’s simple, fun & quick!!

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