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More and more people are working from home. Productivity remains high, and the idea of returning to a large office building is becoming more remote. Along with this work-from-home trend comes a need for employees to design their home offices the way they want. Usually, the designer’s touch starts with the windows. That is where the experts from The Great Curtain Company can help! We are one of the most trusted names in drapery and office curtain design around Austin, TX. Our family-owned-and-operated business has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We offer a broad range of window treatment styles, fabrics, and hardware options that will perfectly match your unique style and taste down to the smallest detail.

Home Office Curtains and Shades in Austin, TX

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Recommendations from Expert “Curtaineers”

Our curtains give you the resources you need to elevate your room’s style without sacrificing natural light or privacy. Our office window treatments will make your space practical and beautiful while helping to maximize your productivity. Many of our office window curtains add not only convenient function and total control but also decorative elements that do more than merely cover the windows. With our help, you can choose the features that suit you best and achieve a peace of mind that lets you focus on what is most important.


The Window Treatment Styles We Offer

From window shape and fabric design to the type of hardware you want, we have window cover options for every style. Please stop into our grand South Austin showroom, or let us come to you with samples. Our experts will help you choose the ideal look, feel, and function for your home office based on your vision. Working with us, you can choose from the top window treatment designs in the industry, such as two- and three-finger French pleats, grommet tops, ballroom tops, cartridge pleats, and so much more. We also offer a variety of drapery hem options, including trouser break drapery hem-style curtains, floor puddle, and floor-length treatments.

Modern Motorized Window Treatments

Looking for the ultimate in convenience and innovation when it comes to your office windows? Our company offers modernized curtain functionality for your home office! At the push of a button, you can flood your space with natural light and make everyday window operation easier than ever. Opting for motorized control gives you other benefits for your updated office space as well:

  • No Strings Attached: Traditional drapes have cords that can tangle. They are cumbersome, complicated, and a safety hazard for kids. Motorized window coverings remove that frustration and give you the privacy you want with one simple click.
  • Automatic Adjustments: Automatic adjustments simplify your life when it comes to your windows. Avoid the snags, tears, and misalignments with automatic treatment adjustments that work. Open and shut all of your windows at once with one click. Set automatic timers that adjust your window treatments on your schedule. Today’s drape technology puts you in control.
Home Office Curtains in Austin, TX
Home Office Shades in Austin, TX

Why Do I Need Window Treatments for My Home Office?

Designing the perfect curtains for an office is not a “one size fits all” approach. Your home office reflects who you are and creates a natural atmosphere of warmth, sophistication, and professionalism. You should have space where you feel relaxed, productive, and focused. To accomplish this, there are a few essential factors that make all the difference for your window treatments:

  • Light: The right amount of light can create a bright, pleasant environment. Having natural light means better performance. It also reduces energy costs by not relying on electricity. Our company gives you access to light-filtering materials for all of our window coverings. With our treatments, you can reduce heat and glare, block damaging UV rays, minimize eyestrain, and still have the illumination you need.
  • Privacy: Many of us work late into the night. Home office curtains help to keep your confidential work safe from prying eyes. Our window treatments let you keep the lights on, but still maintain the privacy level you need. Our offerings also eliminate costly distractions. You can close the home office curtains and keep external factors out of your workspace. You can even customize your privacy levels at the push of a button with a motorized window treatment upgrade.
  • Style: Privacy and light are important for your home office. But what about looks? Aesthetics are essential for any space. The right window treatments create an environment you want to work in and help to motivate you to do your best. As window treatment experts, we can help you choose the best options based on your unique style and taste. The Great Curtain Company offers the most stunning designs for today’s at-home professional.   

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