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Modern Valances & More in Austin, TX

Moving is always an exciting and stressful time. If you find yourself moving to Austin, TX, The Great Curtain Company welcomes you. We hope you find your dream home, and we’re here to help with everything from modern valances to window shades and everything in between. Austin is a unique city to live in, so we want to help make sure you get here okay and know what to expect. We know you’ll be spending a lot of time exploring the city, but we also want you to be comfortable at home with our living room valances, dining room draperies, and more. Just about everyone loves living in Austin, and we want to make your moving experience better. Check out our packing tips for moving out of state, especially when it comes to curtains and drapes. We’ll also let you know how to repurpose your curtains and drapes in your new home, as well as some of the top restaurants and attractions in the area. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

How to Pack Your Curtains & Drapes

If you have beautiful curtains and drapes, you’ll want to bring them with you. If not, you may want to recycle them and opt for new ones from The Great Curtain Company once you arrive. Take your curtains and drapes to a cleaner, and they can wrap them in plastic and paper after they clean them. If you can’t afford that service, keep your curtains and drapes wrinkle-free by folding them lengthwise, putting them over a padded hanger, and pinning them securely. Transport them in a wardrobe box. Curtains can also be folded and put into plastic bags before being packed in a box lined with clean paper.

How to Repurpose Your Curtains & Drapes

Moving to a new state and into a new home means a new beginning. If you’re ready for beautiful new curtains and drapes, give The Great Curtain Company a Call. We offer several types of draperies and drapery fabrics. You can reuse your curtains and drapes in your new home, and they can also be repurposed to make:

  • Bed Canopies
  • Fancy Shower Curtains
  • Room Dividers
  • Closet Coverups
  • Throw Pillows
  • Alterations
  • Roman Shades
  • Custom Bed Sets
Orange Curtains in High Rise Bedroom

Things to Know Before Moving to Austin

We’re excited to welcome you to Austin, but there are some tips you should be aware of, including the following:

  • Everything is bigger in Texas, especially our windows! We can customize the curtains to fit the needs of your new windows. Many homebuilders are making use of larger windows to allow for the great Texas sunlight to brighten homes with natural light.
  • Beat the heat with custom drapery. When we say it’s hot in Texas, we mean it. Let our experts help you find the right fabric for your home’s sun exposure in Texas.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors with a covered patio. You’re sure to find yourself enjoying many evenings in the comfort of your own backyard. Make sure your private patio is equipped with weather-resistant curtains. We also offer durable, yet elegant fabrics that are sure to withstand the Texas heat.
  • Don’t let directions dictate your daily routine. Whether your home faces east or west, don’t let the early sunrises or late sunsets spoil your ambiance. We can create the perfect atmosphere for peaceful mornings and evenings with room darkening and blackout drapery options.

Lauren & Lexi’s Favorite Austin Attractions:

 Austin has so many great restaurants that you likely won’t know where to start. There are also plenty of local attractions to keep you busy. Here are the top five restaurants in Austin in 2021 as ranked by Female Foodie and the top five Austin attractions as ranked by PlanetWare:


  1. Emmer and Rye
  2. Uchi/Uchiko
  3. Fonda San Miguel
  4. Franklin Barbecue
  5. Veracruz All Natural

  1. The State Capitol & Visitor’s Center
  2. Zilker Metropolitan Park attractions
  3. Lady Bird Lake
  4. Congress Avenue Bridge (to view the bats)
  5. University of Texas at Austin attractions

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