Dining Room Curtain Ideas in Austin, TX

Dining room window coverings play a fundamental role in the style of your space, turning simple dining rooms into an experience that exudes sophistication, elegance, and connection. From casual meals to formal dinner parties, transform any occasion into a memorable experience with The Great Curtain Company. Discover the gold standard of dining room curtain ideas with our experts in Austin, TX. Turn your vision into a reality with our high-end selection of dining room window curtains.

Achieve Rustic Charm

Embrace cool earth tones and texture with long, linen curtains. Linen curtains boast a distinct rustic charm without overpowering existing décor, making them suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings.

Embrace Contemporary Luxury

Achieve modern minimalism by blending contemporary styles with luxury details. From rich, neutral velvets to ultramodern textured honeycomb shades and premium silk drapes that stand as the epitome of refinement, the options are endless.

Strike a Contrast

Inject vibrancy into your dining area to create visual interest, striking a contrast against otherwise muted furniture and décor. Colored curtains can be tied into an existing palette or introduced as a new accent color.

Highlight the Height of the Room

Floor-to-ceiling curtains or drapes complement large dining rooms with high ceilings. Use curtains to draw attention upwards, accentuating the scale of the walls to highlight associated architectural features.

Small Dining Room Curtain Ideas

Create an illusion of space for your small dining room. Light and airy sheer curtains welcome sunlight to foster openness in a compact space, or you can install curtain rods above the window to elongate the appearance of the wall to maximize the room.


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From subtle flair to bold statement pieces, our modern dining room curtain ideas are sure to inspire your creativity. Choose a classic window covering or combine two treatments to reshape the look and feel of your space, with options including blackout curtains, linen curtains, solar shades, woven wood shades, honeycomb shades, pleated blinds, roller shades, velvet curtains, motorized window treatments, and more! Revamp your dining room with elegant window treatments from The Great Curtain Company in Austin, TX. Partner with our renowned window treatment experts to design a space that is as beautiful as it is practical with our premium curtains, blinds, and drapes. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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