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Are you tired of looking at those bare windows and you’re just not sure what the room is calling for? Now, The Great Curtain Company offers an exciting new solution. Introducing The Great Curtain Company On-The-Go! Our expert curtain designers will come to your location and get a general feel for your style and current interior design to help choose a drapery style with the hardware to match that is perfect for you. Having years of experience we are able to work closely with you and get a genuine understanding of your goals to achieve the look and feel you want.

Choosing the right curtains for your home is often something that takes the passenger seat in importance to many homeowners, and we cannot understand why! The right set of curtains or drapes can steal the show and become the focal point of any room. Whether you are looking for a stylish curtain for your dining or living area to help accentuate your feng shui or are looking to compliment your bedroom decor with drapes that blackout sun rays, or promote natural lighting, our team is here for you. The Great Curtain Company is family owned and operated, and we love what we do. Let our professional interior drapery consultants visit your home and pick the best pleated, grommet, flat panel, blackout, ballroom or another style drapery for you personally from our unique/custom collection. As an added benefit to our amazing service and inventory, we also offer some of the best prices in the industry while also offering discounts on select fashions.

The Great Curtain Company in Austin

Curtain Services in Austin

If you are more of an on-the-go type of shopper and would rather go see everything for yourself rather than having someone come to you with recommendations, we also offer in-store design services at absolutely no charge! That’s right, you can work with professional drapery design consultants to style the best curtains for any room in your home, at absolutely no cost. It is simple and fun for you to work with us here in our showroom with our hardware displays, drapery fabric books, trim samples, and sketchbook ideas. In no time at all, you’ll have the room of your dreams at a price you never dreamed possible! Check out our simple measuring guide before visiting our curtain store to make your shopping experience even better.

Offering more than just curtains and drapes, you can also find designer shades, bedding, and valances at The Great Curtain Company.

All of our products are made here in the U.S. by renowned curtain designers, meaning you will receive the very best in quality at an unparalleled price. Want to know more? Give us a call today at – (512) 501-1381 to learn more about our selection and services, and be sure to ask about our online drapery consultations and services. Our team wants to be your one-stop curtain shop and make your experience as fun, enriching, and rewarding as possible. Find out for yourself today why more people in Austin and neighboring communities are relying on us for all of their drapery service needs. 

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Multicolored Curtain at The Great Curtain Company in Austin

Online Services

Prefer to keep things “high tech?” We’re right there with you! Now The Great Curtain Company offers an exciting and new modern solution to shopping for curtains and draperies. We are among the first interior curtain design services to offer virtual consultations, and being in Austin, Texas this is a huge benefit for many of our customers who are always on the move and want to spend their time at home relaxing rather than getting ready to make another trip to a store. Having years of experience and top-of-the-line virtual technology we are able to assess your home’s interior design and understand your vision from wherever you are! No other curtain company in Austin works as hard or brings this much of a unique and personalized approach to serving you as the family team at TGC Co.

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