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10 Window Treatment Ideas For your Home by The Great Curtain Company

There are many aspects to your home that help complete an overall aesthetic. Window treatments are a fantastic way to tie any room in your house together, and the experts at The Great Curtain Company in Austin have tremendous experience helping all our clients. Our selection of curtains and drapes ensures that no matter the style and aesthetic of your space, we have something for you. Our entire team prides itself on detailed-oriented and custom work, and our diligent and thoughtful designs are sure to impress. Stop by our showroom or call today to learn more about our many window treatment options.

Custom Valances & Shades Design by The Great Curtain Company in Austin

Here are ten factors in considering window treatments for your project.

1) Color and texture

One of the most important aspects to picking the right curtains and drapes is deciding on the drapery fabric and color. Silk and velvet are great options for a formal space while more easily washable textures like rayon blends and cotton sateen are a great choice for a kid’s room or den. We source the best materials to ensure that no matter the fabric you choose, it will fit perfectly with your space.

2) Prints and patterns

While some designers like solid colors, others prefer a print or pattern on their curtains. For most designs, a solid color for drapes is the best choice if you have patterned furniture in the room, and the opposite is true if you have solid colored furniture. You don’t want the visual scheme to be too busy or too plain.

3) Length of curtains

Whether your curtains are floor length or break slightly at the floor, it all depends on the style of the room. Use our curtain measuring guide to help you know what length you need. The classic, tailored look of floor length curtains is great if you are opening and closing the curtains a lot because they will always fall into place. For more decorative curtains in a formal setting, it is natural to have them break slightly when hitting the floor.

4) Width of curtains

The width of the curtain material will differ depending on whether they will be used as a decorative piece versus a fully closed and more functional piece. Speak to one of our window treatment specialists to learn more.

5) Where to hang the curtain frame

You can play optical tricks with how you decide to mount your curtains in relation to the top of the window frame. The feeling of a taller window can be achieved by anchoring the framing directly above the window (6 to 8 inches), while simulating a wider window can be achieved by mounting the curtains wider than the frame of the window itself.

Casual Pleated Cream Linen Curtains in Austin

6) Top hems of your curtains

There are a wide range of styles for the top hems of your curtains and each provides the room with a particular look. Whether you are looking for a sleek, casual, formal, or feminine appearance, The Great Curtain Company can help.

7) Curtain rods

Curtain rods also play an important role in giving off a certain aesthetic. The material and style you choose says a lot about the overall feel of the space. Our specialists can help with each detail to ensure unity and thoughtfulness.

8) Tiebacks

Tiebacks can be a great way to let in more light and offer a swooping, elegant appearance. Not all curtains look good with tiebacks, and it is important to pick the right fabric to utilize this style correctly.

9) Blinds vs. curtains

Uncertain if you want the soft fabric look of curtains versus the firm, sleek look of blinds? Our selection at The Great Curtain Company ensures you find exactly what you’re looking for.

10) Installation experts

We can help install your perfectly designed window treatments in your home today for a low cost. Call today to learn more about this convenient service.

At The Great Curtain Company, our mission is helping our clients make their homes beautiful with window treatments. It is easy to transform any room of your home into a peaceful oasis or elegant space with specific window treatments. All our work is 100 percent customizable, and we work with you throughout the entire process to ensure you are satisfied.

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